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Innovation Services

At the core of everything we do is GREAT IDEAS – our powerful creative thinking process and toolkit. We help our clients find innovative solutions to their business challenges. We help them become more innovative businesses. And through consulting, training, coaching and workshops we’ve helped clients grow their businesses and their people.

Innovation Workshops

Our Innovation workshops are short, high intensity, sessions designed to create solutions for a particular challenge.

The workshops can be scaled from a few hours to several days depending on clients’ needs and appetite. These sessions are particularly effective as a way to bring innovation to an existing planning process, or to foster a more empowered, creative culture within a team.

Marketing Innovation

We use GREAT IDEAS to help clients find new ways to engage customers.

Our tools are particularly relevant when a conventional approach isn’t the answer; for example how do you compete when your budgets are dwarfed by your competitors’?

The tools can be used alongside existing agency activities where an agency wants to collaborate more closely with the end client.


Sometimes you need someone to help you talk through a challenge and help you find new answers.

Our 1:1 coaching sessions help individuals find innovative ideas for existing challenges, and to turn those ideas into reality.

We use our GREAT IDEAS tools and process as a coaching platform to help people find their own solutions.